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Setting up an offense

That’s when you want to elicit a ‘wrong’ from another against yourself. That’s when you’re looking to trip another and you set ‘em up to fail and they fail. And then you complain they have done wrong against you. Such doesn’t count coz their offense (of you) becomes justifiable. God may not hear you.

The disposition of offense

Every individual offense is punishable. But in a very disposition of offense since the intent is to be offensive, then the foolish assumption is that only the larger disposition (of enmity) is valid (even that only when countered, that is brought up). The truth is there is a cost. For every offense a price has to be paid. It’s called judgment. Only true offenses are entitled to a case, an accusation. What you need to do is to develop a disposition of goodness.

The fruit of evil

It is wrongly assumed that one can sow evil for another to reap it. In fact this is the foolish principle on which evil men operate: for they don’t sow evil for it to come back to themselves, but that another might suffer from its evil effects. The truth however is that evil is reaped by the one who sows it, and only abundantly so! Another good man affected by an evil man’s conduct is only affected as with an antigen, for after the brief spell of illness he is armed with the antibodies. The virus on the other hand is exposed and annihilated only all too soon.

God and the devil

I muttered to myself rather dejectedly ‘The devil is after me,’ and rather spontaneously came the add-on ‘but my Lord is after the devil!’ And did I break into a giggle?! bwahaha

The devil in plain sight

That’s piety’s lookalike!

The point of this piety is not nobility but dismissing justice. Hence it’s twice evil: first for its allowance of evil; second for packaging it as saintliness itself!

Find out how piety lines up with justice to tell the real from the fraud.

Another Christ

The problem with today’s Christianity is its Christ is an incomplete Christ, a pietist coward, nothing of what the real Christ was!

Doing it right

You learn to live by living. You learn to do right by doing right.