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Messing it right

Only a child breaks every rule rightly. Be the child, become the child.


The silent words

Can there be a silence in an abundance of words?! Oh yep! For despite the abundance of the written word in Scripture no one hears the sound of God. For that’s how God has spoken and chooses to speak: affording us with all the faith of our fathers in word and yet allowing us all the silence and thought, meditation and feeling to sort through our lessons on our own. It is for us to ponder life, grasp our circumstance, hear our direction, overcome our failures, heal our wounds, tune in to his message. It is leisurely that way, even personal, precise, convincing, dignified, unlimited!

No unkind master

We are but servants to God, for He is above, dwelling in unapproachable light and here we are on earth even an appeal to his sonship far out of our reach! But God isn’t an unkind master, but a loving, merciful, lavish, affectionate, generous master. No, a father, lover and friend.

Equally unequal

All men are equal, but there is a legitimate reservation the righteous man earns for his children and children’s children after him. For his service is real and his recompense ought to accompany him. And so we will be (have to be!) unequal for some will begin already privileged.

The accompanying harp

David is usually pictured in a myriad settings in his adult life, the least of those narrative recounts to have to (necessarily) do with a harp! For he was either with the sheep, or at war (both as a soldier and a king), or on the run, or a fugitive, or at rulership. Whence the harp? Whence the time? But it appears that always David had a harp handy! For every song of his betrays the discernible fact: there’s the shepherd song, songs of his calling and anointing, when he was on the run from Saul, while a fugitive in enemy territory, when he failed over Bathsheba, when he returned back victorious from war, when Absalom chased him, and when he was old and full of years. He made the time, wrote his feelings, set them to music and freely shared his life. Despite life, despite work, despite trouble, despite the scrutiny. What diligence, what peace, what talent, what vision! Blessed harp to have accompanied!


Thought influenced by dad.

Textbook spirituality

There is such a spirituality that is so obsessed with rules, regulations and recipes that it is done to the ready exclusion of very spirituality itself! And along with that gets flushed out relevance, freedom, meaning, enjoyment and actual genuine edification. It’s a bit like this: it’s like learning the art of cooking through a bunch of rules, regulations and recipes. It’s so much to the sequence of the preparation, the quantity, the ingredient and procedure that the actual freedom, release, liberation and very purpose of mastering cooking and more importantly feeding, nurturing and edifying the body (and soul!) goes out the window. In the event of such, make no mistake there will be the veneer of a ‘familiar skill’ for there is a ‘meal’ on the table and procedures have been followed, however this isn’t cooking. For here’s what will be amiss: the broader understanding of all purpose, instinct, awareness, development, freedom, action. For the recipe will be the same day upon day regardless of appeal (even if the very function to feed or edify begins to suffer), cooking as a skill still has simply not been grasped either for each ingredient’s function or mode of preparation or the instinctual tact to fine-tune to taste or perfection or engage the vast stretches that remain to be known, felt, explored of gastronomy! There will be no variety, no advance, no freedom, not even simple action, for what is cooking that isn’t even cooking?! It is just deadness. On the other hand the true skill includes all these and much more. And the lower beginnings and skills are merely an introduction to what lies higher, the broad breadth of engaging skill and taste, aroma and health. Likewise spirituality. All of scripture abundantly testifies to such spirituality that is alive, moving, active, honest. It is a progressive advance into the very mind of God. And what is more alive than that?!


It’s about affording it. Hardly money!