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With him

David was a lonely man. But only among men. For God was with him.


Greatness isn’t as much the state as the route.

A positive attitude to life

Does it help? Of course! Surely not the kind that dwells in an illusion, but one which refuses to give up, fights back, perseveres, consciously cheers up, improves, hopes, creates, supports, strengthens, loves, laughs, cares, saves/redeems, expects, believes, gives, forgives, relaxes.

A positive attitude: keep it handy.

The Prodigal Father

The story of the prodigal broke me today. Of course, the wild disgusting son came back to his senses, but among others, his simple and sincere change moved me. It was absolutely fair and just that he not expect to return as a son of the home but as a mere servant (he was more just to not even seek to be a man-servant within the household, but as a mere hired hand occasionally employed from outside). And so he straggled along from the far away country (where he’d been reduced to beggary) back to where his lot could improve if only he could find some mercy with his father.

But what he came to was a wholly different story!! For while he was still far away, in beggarly attire, the father recognized him (which means he was always on the lookout for his lost son, clinging to wispy hope to bring him back someday, somehow. No wonder he found him while still far away!). The father ran to the son, hugged him, kissed him, wept over him, escorted him back home. He ordered his servants to help tidy up the son, dress him up in the robe befitting the noble household, the ring of an heir besides. If all this wasn’t enough he commanded that the fattened calf be prepared amid singing and dancing, for his own beloved son who’d been lost had been found, one who’d been dead had come back to life.

What a prodigal, extravagant, wasteful, lavish, generous, loving, passionate Father! Despite all the blunders, the prodigal younger son got a tight hold over the depths of his father’s love, which the elder son still seemed to miss.

Nothing is more heart-breaking than the love of the Prodigal Father!

Counterfeit illustrated

Liberty is afforded to prevent an unnecessary/unfair suppression of legitimate expression. But its counterfeit expects room for illegitimate agenda. Mercy is shown to encourage repentance, but its counterfeit merely buys time for prolonged deceit. Temporary adjustment is offered for lasting relief, but its counterfeit is appealed for opportunistic exploitation. Do not be deceived, you must hone your ability to tell truth from the lie. It’s there the difference lies!


Honesty is not accomplishment, but availability.

Sacred n secular, part n whole

All of life is sacred, for life itself is a subset of truth and truth is sacred. The sanctity of life’s many composite parts isn’t always evident (for which we brand them as secular and are hence prone to treat them irreverently/aspiritually). However, by the very virtue of being part of the sacred whole, each part shares in the sanctity. It’s like the human body, made of many parts with varying functions, varying importances/noticeabilities which yet together make one whole.

The validity of each individual part’s health/‘sanctity’ remains, irrespective of the larger whole in as much as the context permits, for it is principle (the rule as it applies to that part), and the principle is intact. Therefore although even aspiritual as some of life’s parts may seem (and appear to work despite lingering gaps – in manageable contexts of course!), they are in fact spiritual (and work) because the game is being played (for that part) as per the rules. But the whole works (and works best) when every part, great and small, is aligned to the sacred truth.

It is this principle that calls for a relentless pursuit for and (re)alignment to truth always and in all things.