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God and the devil

I muttered to myself rather dejectedly ‘The devil is after me,’ and rather spontaneously came the add-on ‘but my Lord is after the devil!’ And did I break into a giggle?! bwahaha

The devil in plain sight

That’s piety’s lookalike!

The point of this piety is not nobility but dismissing justice. Hence it’s twice evil: first for its allowance of evil; second for packaging it as saintliness itself!

Find out how piety lines up with justice to tell the real from the fraud.

Another Christ

The problem with today’s Christianity is its Christ is an incomplete Christ, a pietist coward, nothing of what the real Christ was!

Doing it right

You learn to live by living. You learn to do right by doing right.

Truth on autopilot

Truth is conductive, it’s guidance organic. It is user-friendly.

It’s only the beginning

Injustice doesn’t just stop at the mere point (matter) of contention, but extends itself to every subsequent relation. As does justice the reverse.

No radical

Christ wasn’t a radical. He was a true man, a simple man, a fulfilled man. He only gave his mere due to humanity. His excellence was totally normal/rational. His oddities were not because of some other-worldliness, some magic. He observed life, he learned from it. He fashioned his disposition to life to its needs as per sincerity. Christ ain’t high, we are low. Christ ain’t exceptional, it’s we who can’t think straight, look straight, walk straight!

We must stop rationalizing our disorientation and making an oddity of plain good character.

What is wisdom?

It is academics. It is character. Doctrine. Excellence. What is common to all these? Learning.

The one to fear

The real enemy ain’t fear, it’s discouragement.

The unforgiving Master

That’s God on you! It’s all about how you see your Master: either mean, or priceless! He won’t budge except he bring out the best in you. Take it or leave it but he ain’t lowering his standard nor his dream for you.

I suppose you’d sell your head and buy for yourself such a Master?!