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They say you can be replaced. That the world will still carry on. That the space you leave will as easily be filled out as when water closes in on an object yet being removed from it. But no! Not so, if you were good, true, noble, just, righteous. They can’t then replace you until they themselves become you, a version of you; themselves righteous, just, true (and if they did, you weren’t replaced after all!). For/But if they don’t, the world will still limp, stumble, grope without you. They won’t fill you out. You will never be replaced for the truth you brought, the truth you were to them, the truth they were unwilling to accept.


In sowing we reap

Don’t we reap only when we harvest? Is what we normally think… We do give ourselves all the credit for where we are. And it is true in part! For after all we sow, and we reap as per what we put in. But familiarity with history should teach us more. For then we realize that the seeds themselves we hold are the harvest of what another had already sown. Yep, (of) one who went right before us, but (of) many who went even before. So we’re actually reaping what others have sown. We need to think less of ourselves really!

Piety’s place

Not even piety is an excuse against justice! In fact (credible) piety is the product of justice itself.


A lot of submission to truth needs to be done as exercise. For exercise isn’t done with expectations of both success or failure. And the occurrence of neither adversely affects the progress of it. For regardless, it is simply just done. It is done by rote; it is done for doing’s sake; it is done as a beginning, as continuation, as learning. The success of it is contained in no quick accomplishment but is assumed only in the accumulation of it. However, the monotony, the regularity, the mechany (couldn’t think of another word!) of it, is not without its redemption. For it works against the broader framework of truth, truth that the pursuit is good. So yep, there needs to be reason (for the pursuit), but the submission (to truth, the pursuit of it) (although may not always be accompanied by willingness or inspiration or even ease, but) is by training.

Don’t fear your estrangement to truth, beat it with training. The fancy WILL follow.

Unknowable wisdom

Wisdom is the defense of things, the diagnosis of them. It’s the grasp of truth, and the command to govern matters in the light of it. It is decision and judgment, counsel and agility. It is vision and hard work, diligence and efficiency. It is beauty and appeal, relevance and meaning. It is health and prosperity, sacrifice and humility. It is life, eternity. All in all it is a deep and unknowable thing. The man who searches for it and finds it is truly blessed. And this is the key to it: the fear of God.

(My beloved, this one’s dedicated to you!)

Disoriented Jesus

Yep, he was disoriented for he solemnly taught, ‘if you are as much angry with your brother and call him ‘a fool’ you will be in danger of the fire of hell.’ And then went around railing against the Pharisees and Jewish teachers of the law (they were the pastors, the priests, the sants and seers of the day who were both revered and expected to be!) all nasty names, here’s a sample: wicked, adulterous, hypocrites, dull(heads), perverse, robbers, blind, woe to you, whitewashed tombs, snakes, brood of vipers, and obviously much more! He called his ruler, Herod, a fox, and dared him to stop/prevent Jesus from doing his work.

If Jesus wasn’t disoriented, then we are, for our current religion is all about stroking people right. Disoriented you!

How to keep the law

The way to keep the law is to remember the spirit of it (against the letter). E.g. while keeping traffic rules the point of obedience isn’t following a set of written codes (whether following the traffic lights, or keeping driving rules), but assisting the fair and orderly flow of traffic. Remembering this will add purpose, meaning, relevance and joy under the control, confinement. In fact, it is the reverse, namely freedom, release, ease. For imagine traffic without rules!!?! Accidents, injustice, selfishness, disorderliness, complete chaos, even completely blocked traffic – i.e. paralysis in place of greedy selfish speed! Law isn’t confinement, it’s release. That’s the spirit!