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Why excellence is important

Coz anything substandard by you prevents another’s excellence. That is why it is people that make communities; communities, cities; cities, states; states, nations; and nations, the world. And that’s right where we live, for it all comes back.

But then is excellence tiresome? No, it ain’t excellence that’s tiresome but the lack of it. In innumerable ways! In fact, excellence makes for a much easier, happier, lighter, peaceful, productive overall life experience. Go ahead, keep doing it just a little better than the last time every time. And you should get to excellence without too much trouble sometime soon.

The glow

Jesus spoke in easy illustrations. Had he spoken in heavy narrative it would have been too much for the early rustic people to parse. But how effortlessly he broke down deep and complex mysteries and learning into such simple parables and sayings! The millennia since then have been inescapably affected by them. Even today they glow with Life! But it came from the very fingers of the rustic people that grasped the grandeur behind those simple stories, we must remember. That they wrote so well speaks of their Great Good Teacher.

The quietness of torture

The nobleman (i.e. just/righteous one) having to fear and serve the scoundrel results when the bulk of a nation’s people refuse to side with the truth. For a nation’s peace and justice is in the courage of its every citizen. Don’t expect to give in to fear and also have peace, such peace is only the quietness of servitude or torture, not rest.

Needless lessons

Learning is always good and it is good in any form. However, some lessons are better learned from a distance. It is better not to have to burn oneself bad to learn that fire hurts, it is better to learn it from the experience of others. Likewise some lessons from mistakes are costly, irreparable. Those lessons that await the other end of guesses/calculation need to be navigated carefully. We needn’t fear mistakes, but we need to weigh risks. There is no harm in being cautious, for it is the lack of it that’s most often the shortcut to trouble. It is best to do all else needed to ready up for opportunity before putting it all out on the line for that lone tempting breakthrough (shortcut should be a synonym). In fact every opportunity comes seeking the man who excels right where he is.

But in spite of it all, if you’ve made the mistake, do this: Just get up, dust yourself and be onward home. For it’s better to be on with it sooner than later.

Confidence with God

That’s what Elijah had with God! His heart was in tandem with his God. They both thought and felt alike. Now they both breathed with the same anger against Ahab, Israel’s evil king for he and his idolatrous wife Jezebel were misleading a chosen nation away from their God. Filled with fury Elijah went up to Ahab and said, ‘For three years you will see neither dew nor rain except at my word’ (i.e. Elijah’s). And so it was just as he said! Finally after 3 years, following the dramatic Carmel encounter the Israelites did come back to their God and it was time for the skies to respond with their showers. When there was yet no rain cloud in the sky (after 3 long years!) Elijah asked Ahab to go and begin eating and drinking (i.e. celebrate) for ‘there was the sound of a heavy rain.’ It was after this Elijah asks his servant to go and study the sky for a cloud. Six different times the servant came back saying there wasn’t any. For the 7th time Elijah sent his servant who came back with the answer, ‘yes a cloud the size of a man’s palm.’ Immediately Elijah sent word to Ahab to hurry to Jezreel lest the heavy downpour stop him, which was just what nearly happened.

They were like friends, Elijah and his God, for Elijah knew God wouldn’t disappoint him.


Politeness makes sense in the larger context of truth. And harshness loses its sting in the larger context of truth. Sugar coated lies packaged in soft words and kind tones are nothing kind, merciful or gracious. On the contrary the knife that cuts to heal isn’t harsh or hurtful. And it is an atmosphere of truth and justice that allows for true kindness, genuine softness and true mercy. Before you expect luxury allow room for necessity.

The bargain

If you want it best, there are small goods you’re going to have to do without for a while. Well maybe not even ever, but probably it is more true they will all come back fully (although not in the exact same ways you might have preferred. But most certainly the best brings with it things along routes you never thought possible, or conceivable, things far excellent than the price you were willing to pay at first). The systems you’re fighting in count too. Where there is lesser evil, there is lesser pain. But it’s only in this world we sow. We’re heading to a better world where it will be all gain and no pain. So let us sow in tears for the biggest bargain awaits us. Heaven reserves the best gains, but earth offers no less!