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The enemies who were not

November 1, 2019

We can even count David’s enemies on our fingers, it sometimes seems: now a stray Ahitophel, an Absalom. The truth is that David’s enemies were all around him, filled his own (family), leaving him an orphaned island, not often but always. It’s not just that his enemies had drawn swords, there were many who never stood with him. They may not have been his open enemies but they were functional enemies. They never stood with him in his fair causes, they always played the devil’s advocate (quite the devil himself!), they opposed him, obstructed him, disregarded him, ill treated him. It is these stories that fill the psalms, of his father and mother rejecting him, his own blood fearing him (remember a prophet is never of value among his own). But here’s the reason why they eventually were not: for in time God lifted David to such inaccessible heights, they could no longer hold their old position as David’s rivals, but (reform into, not his coequals or partners but) submit and bend down as his subordinates, servants.

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