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Faith takes a lotta work baby!

January 19, 2019

It’s generally believed that it’s so much harder to work to please God than just believe, but let me tell you: NOT SO FAST, Hon!

You think it was easier for ol’ Abe to trust God and sacrifice Isaac? You think it was easier for David to trust God and keep lettin Saul go? You think it was easier for Elijah to trust God and square up to Jezebel?

No! Their work was not the labour of toil or legalist laborious ‘god-pleasing,’ (maybe offering up a zillion sacrifices, getting their ablutions right, others) it was the labour of spirit, of soul, of will, of obedience, still others.

However, it’s not without its perks! It’s the putting in that gets back, it’s the sowing that reaps. It’s still the shortcut, for there’s no other way. It’s the shortest route to rest, comfort, providence, sustenance, success, achievement, glory. It fits with the law of life and light, that the road is narrow not broad, but it’s the surest and easiest way home!

Brace up.

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