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Grasping God

January 12, 2019

God is just like the wise one among us: He relates to each one of us like we can handle. It’s like a mother relating to an infant. All the infant knows of the mother is true, but not complete. But as the child grows, the way the mother relates to it changes, for the child is growing and can handle more. But for the child to become doubtful of a ‘changing’ mother would be wrong, for what the child knew of its parent in infancy is true and legitimate but insufficient, incomplete. The child needs to search out the fullness of the parent only in time, only as per growth, only as per perseverance.

God is often misunderstood for static ideas of him lost in time. He is living, dynamic and active in his interaction with men, with each of us. It might not be that our ideas of God are contradictory (of what we’ve known of him so far, or of objective truth) but immature, incomplete, insufficient.

It is my belief that God can be nearly understood fully, for Christ is exactly about that!

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