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Peace n joy guaranteed

December 5, 2018

I had suffered a great deal on account of a dream and I opened my devotional book, it was December 1st. In the swift read a single word made the whole change, it was C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S !! ‘God with us,’ (Emmanuel) was enough to dwarf my ominous fear. Christ came, not to make a name for himself, not so the world will commemorate him every year (for, as again today’s devotional reading noted: he had after all sent the word of his cosmic incarnation event to humble shepherds, people who wouldn’t leave behind them a written manuscript that such happened, for they were non-literate. Almost certainly neither Mary nor Joseph were good salesfolk either, to market their miracle child! In fact the New Testament records no faint idea that Christmas was even ever celebrated/commemorated! So…), he came for you (n me)! You were his preoccupation at his birth, on Christmas.

Put him in between your obstacle n you: it’s akin to a signed check certain to be en-cashed at the bank.* It’s meant to work, for you were the point of Christmas. That you WILL find your peace n joy in Jesus, I can guarantee!

*Thought take from ‘Streams in the Desert’ by Mrs. Cowman

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