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Send your pride packing!

November 21, 2018

A clean-up ain’t an offence for whom it (whose mess) is being done (up)!

The point is not to offend but help/fix. The exposure of him whose problem it is, is significantly incidental, for regardless of the offender, the problem would still have been attended!

The way to allow the healing, the redemption, is by being thankful, joyous and humble that help is even coming one’s way. Not trying to be in control or appear alright when at the receiving end of the control or when simply NOT alright. It’s the same principle for Truth, for one ain’t doing truth a service by allowing (for) its good work. It is important to humble oneself against truth, allow oneself to be branded insufficient so then Truth can fix him.

Humility is the means to the end of redemption. The Gospel too is the salvation of the humble, of those who confess their sin and inability to redeem themselves except by Christ. Send your pride packing.

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