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The Ancient Serpent

November 20, 2018

It should be no surprise that the Devil, the Ancient Dragon has been compared to the serpent. For the parallel is remarkable(!):

  • With the reptile, its poison is in its tongue (an ancient belief that its bifid tongue issued the fatal sting – should work as a convenient representation of the mouth).
  • Regardless of its approaching death (however swift!), its poison is potent till its final annihilation.

The work of the devil (against good/Truth) too is most potently destructive in its communicative form symbolized by the tongue: words, lies, thought (that is the mere unspoken word), conspiracy, collusion, masterminding. For, when all is going great (in the realm of good/truth), the beginnings of revolt emerge not in action (not even in an error) but intrigue. For the wrongs of ignorance can be righted, but not those of intrigue.

And so the Evil One quietly sows seeds of discord, of untruth, exaggeration, of misrepresentation, even of outright falsehoods, of counterfeit. For if brute violence is the enemy it can be easily spotted and cornered. It’s only where the intent is persistently to create trouble -even when there isn’t really any(!)- that somehow the sly, elusive, deadly poison finds its way. (Therefore demanding an alertness without rest, gruesome and demanding.)

And so the only way to counter the venomous lie is to arm oneself continually with the Truth (both by seeking and exposing it). One must relentlessly open oneself up to truth no matter how costly. One must constantly align oneself to the truth to spot the lie and rid it most swiftly! One must always be on the lookout lest only one crooked lie sting the whole well-functioning system, even only finally, and bring it down to its fatal end.

Beware the lie, there is no weapon as deadly, as stealthy, as relentless!

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