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God in a dispenser

November 19, 2018

Although God pervades our lives completely, (although) He is even the creator, sustainer and the final word on us (our lives, destiny), yet He is not outside our use/employment of Him! It’s a bit like this: He is like the exceptional Master/Teacher available for a child’s pursuit of learning. That means the availability of the highest in the field of knowledge, but it’s not the automatic acquisition of learning. For excellence and success isn’t readymade, and ignorance is the default. Neither is growth and learning possible instantly, it proceeds only as much as the student engages the Teacher. The Teacher is willing, even eager, but he can’t be the child. The student must move to the level of the Teacher all the way. It’s an unforgiving lifelong pursuit, for neither is half-knowledge learning.

Now if you think this is gruesome, pit against this the absence of the good Teacher altogether. What horror!

Do use God, generously, without limit: growing, pursuing, persevering, excelling.

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