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Finding joy

October 9, 2018

It’s not always that one finds joy in the good, the noble, the moral, the truthful, the healthy. For the fallen human propensity is for the immediate, the pleasurable, the convenient, the easy, the instant. However, it is for us/you/me to commit to FINDING JOY in the right. E.g. to be content with simple/clean/healthy food against the flamboyant/unhealthy, to find pleasure in activity instead of the sedentary, of courageous truth against easy lie, in ‘challenging work’/efficiency against truancy, in lifegiving fidelity instead of deathly immorality, in nobility against indecency. It is a willing submission, intentional pursuit, agile preservation, gruesome perseverance. However, it’s never that joy delays in her rewards, for yet her blessings are instant – eg. the access to health becomes instant, the change toward fitness isn’t invisible for long (and the compliments besides! Ever thought about influence?), the power of truth’s effect shows (as much as the defeat of the lie’s!), work is no more pain but pleasure, no more business but leisure, marriage/relationship is no more the Gordian knot, a prison, but a well-oiled, perfectly functioning arrangement, freedom, even heaven.

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