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The harsh kindness

September 17, 2018

You got me wrong, no this is not about the true kindness that can be harsh, this is about false kindness that is patently harsh. Here is proof:

  • False kindness is always/invariably shown by the weak toward the strong.
  • And for reasons of fear, the fear to confront and restrain/stop oppression.
  • False kindness has never solved problems but merely given them acceptable names.
  • It has constantly (without exception) caused the oppression to worsen, prolong.
  • It has caused the problem to multiply exponentially, and often create new and more complicated ‘offspring’ problems.
  • The oppressor (is the one who!) has often gained sainthood at the end of this for he has ‘softened’ toward his victim for the victim has learned to eke out the pity of the one oppressing. That is called ‘reformation.’ The problem with such counterfeit reform is any talk of justice again will swiftly and surely take things back to where they once were, oppression.
  • Where this counterfeit kindness is, the defenders of the weak are the enemies of peace.
  • Where this deceit is, the oppressor is for all functional purposes revered.
  • Where this evil has successfully found home, there is an entire parallel way of life in place of the truth, where the lie is glorified, defended, propagated.

Conclusion: if/when you insist on kindness, be doubly sure whom you’re asking the kindness for, and whom you’re asking it of. If you’re asking the weak/violated to be kind to the oppressor without squaring up to the rogue, you can be dead sure your kindness is a fraud.

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