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Is this even pain?

August 28, 2018

Typically a pain is what hurts, it is what subtracts, it’s indicative of ill health. But there are strikingly similar pains that have the opposite effect: for they heal, add, and promote overall heath. It is not the pain of disease but the pain of treatment. And not necessarily the pain of recovery, but the pain of new, higher, greater gain/initiative. E.g. to stop one’s up-until-now sedentary life and begin to pursue good health, in the ‘pain’ of reorganization one isn’t even dealing with real and present disease, but merely making a change for the better.

Indeed such pain can be real, for who says it is easy to deny the comfort food? Or endure the cold morning walk, especially after the honey-moon wonder of the new resolution fades off? And yet, in giving in, no one is taking up arms for there are excellent reasons: e.g. everyone grows old; especially it can be downhill after black 30; even ‘Stop trying to fight instinct,’ they chide.

However, if the ordinary has to be exchanged for the extraordinary, the predictable for the unpredictable, the compulsion for the defiance, then this delightful pain’s da cure! For outside of this there is only decline while with this ‘pain’ there is not just the restraint on decay, but the aggressive gain of not mere change, but fulfilment, excellence, even unimaginable wonder! In fact the pain of an exercise regimen is only when you get it started from scratch, like when you cried(?) while learning your ABCs, rofl. Does it hurt to be able to read today? Was it then pain in the first place?

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