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When words speak louder than actions

August 22, 2018

Lol, freaked? Well, that’s when words themselves become the action.

There can be a common confusion of treating all words as just words, and therefore inferior to action (in other words equating it to inaction). Wrong! On a routine basis words come about as action itself. E.g. at law courts, at schools, maybe others. That’s because the job of a judge is to ‘declare’ the truth as verdict. His job is to speak, speak words, speak the truth. And what is spoken is the source of actions that follow, it is essentially then action. Smaller versions of the ‘court’ are our coffee (even online or ‘tech’ coffee) tables where debates and discussions call for ‘speaking the truth.’ There’s no better action than that! It has the power to influence a lot of action, hence an act/action itself. Likewise systems that impart/teach the truth of things, whether schools or consultancies. Again here the words shared are not just ‘sounds’ but the reduction of active/potent truth into language/communication. When such truth is passed on, e.g. through the understanding/comprehension of (the world’s/universe’s) academic disciplines as physics, chemistry, biology, theology, business etc. knowledge is gained which then becomes the guide/source of action, as with applied sciences etc. It is on this principle that God has been called the original Logos. ‘In the beginning was the Word.’ For it is the word of revelation, of truth, of knowledge, of wisdom, all of these that become the forces that create, organize and manage life, to the end of success. (One might also see in the function of the brain, that doesn’t itself act but merely instructs the organs of the body to act, this principle of the superiority of action although reduced only to communication.) For again, in the absence of truth either revealed or established, there is only darkness, death, destruction, debilitation. Refusing to speak the truth when it is desperately important is inaction. Hiding the truth of matters in order to prevent understanding or positive change is also culpable inaction, or more precisely negative action.

There is only one place where such spoken ‘truth’ becomes empty words, that’s when the action (of the one merely mouthing the truth) goes against (his own) words that naturally/spontaneously demand consistent conduct. Such is possible! E.g. Pharisees who read and taught the law of Moses night and day, but neither welcomed the messiah that it itself testified of, nor kept the law (to its spirit – which is the only law-keeping!). It is obvious then that the employment of ‘truth’ in such a case is for private gain, having nothing to do with truth as what affects action. Grasping this principle will help one sift authentic words from counterfeit, it also helps one to accord value to truth when it is spoken and also when it is defended. Don’t dismiss every instance of the spoken word!

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