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Persevering is not striving

August 18, 2018

What?! But how?!

Perseverance is often portrayed as striving, as seeking after a hard, strange, unnatural thing. However the truth is that it is not a striving but a realization; fulfilment, release, accomplishment. For what is achieved is the highest potential that was always locked up within the one contending. For e.g. can a man strive and become a bird? That might be a foolish pursuit that ought to be dismissed. But to be the best man? Ah, that ain’t striving, something hard or negative, but a most predictable, even natural course should the posture be to go on doing it better and better. Now instead of striving there is understanding, there is vision, there is willingness and only some leftover labour. Then that’s only engagement, a distraction, a hobby. What a difference!

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