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Is human freewill really free?

August 15, 2018

Well that’s a question that really bothered me some 2 decades back!! For I hated to do what was ‘right’ and loved to do what wasn’t. (I still can often!) But along the way I’ve figured at least among others, the value of the goodness of right/truth and the trouble with wrong. Still if one only has the choice (allowance) to do right and not wrong, then what’s really the point of being ‘free’ to choose? Isn’t it just shameless coercion?

But hey, what’s the point/gain in doing wrong? Doesn’t it only worsen matters? Only destroy things (e.g. life, relationships, health…)? And shouldn’t doing what is better/best be the fair choice? Further isn’t choice true choice when one is choosing only after being sufficiently informed of the effects that follow? If so isn’t education, some correction, meaningful around the whole matter of choice? However, if one is prevented from yet going as per one’s decision (regardless), that would be coercion! It is for this reason human beings have been gifted free will. They actually have the true choice to go against right in favour of wrong. There is scope to both be responsible for one’s choices and also live with them, good or bad. And that does raise man nearer the status of God, for indeed that’s how we even began, for we were made in the image of Him.

So free will is the progressive realization of the value of good and finding the fulfilment, the appreciation in doing it. For the blessings and success in it are endless. Don’t resent the idea of employing your will responsibly if you want such ability to be real and consequential!

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