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How God speaks

April 3, 2018

He primarily speaks through the very nature of (His) creation: namely the ethico-moral design of men who can judge between truth and lie, good and bad, better and best. He speaks through the wisdom of men who have codified and recorded these experiences (a critical bulk of this being Scripture, academics another). He speaks from one’s own conduct in truth, for nothing enlightens as truthful conduct itself. He speaks from the discernment born of the grasp of all revelation so far, for God has spoken of things mysterious, things yet to be. And it pays to know them, for it’s an effort to be fully aware of all God has already spoken. And when life has overall been lived in the light of His daily guidance, He speaks in the power of sense and spirit, instinct and dream, human will and divine direction, for the (human) reception is ready. And when it is God guiding, success is sure.

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