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Always begin

March 19, 2018

Ridiculous as it may sound, it’s a very sound principle, a rule of thumb to always play by, a staple to rely on: To always begin.

In theory a beginning happens just once, but given the complexity of life to settle for just one chance would be utterly disastrous. We need to constantly get up, dust ourselves and be onward home. We must constantly be on ‘revision’ mode, studying, investigating, inquiring, dreaming. And based on the vision, goal, we must constantly tune up, adjust and ‘begin’ the journey. For every attempt is a new one with fresh learnings, a fresher perspective, and a delightful new hope, faith, trust that we will succeed.

Don’t look at that fresh trial as still another weary attempt to make it through after that long list of failures, but as a brand new beginning. Look at it as the moment which has flushed out all the failure-ridden past allowing for an empty slate, a brand new take on life. Begin as many times ever as you need, every morning, every time you must. Now begin.

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