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God and men

March 9, 2018

No, God doesn’t do men’s work, that’s for men to do! For if God did it all, the world would be so much better. In fact even if we struggle desperately, only hoping wishing craving that the load be lightened, still he won’t relent. For that’s the world that God has ordained, the world of free men, men capable of choosing both perseverance and slackness, success and failure, determination and indecision. Besides it’s the choice of one man whose actions had consequences for himself and for his, the choice that opted to know good and evil – against God’s recommendation, no decree – and for it lost his sin-free estate.

But that doesn’t mean God doesn’t care. He has done all on His part to make the load lighter. He has provided the River of Life, Christ, his atonement for mankind’s sin, ever present forgiveness to relinquish old ways and begin the new. Besides a helping hand to those who sincerely try, even at the most critical times and much else besides.

But He won’t do your work. And if you do (your work) you will stand to gain. And if you don’t you will lose.

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