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Blundering on alphabets

February 22, 2018

Is it even possible one can expect to flaunt a ‘doctorate’ (even ‘Authorship’) itself when one is blundering on alphabets?! Can such even be possible? Yes! Here are a few examples: being a criminal and being the lawmaker of an entire land; being a preacher without knowing the Bible; being a teacher without knowing or being in control of one’s stuff and still others. But does that work? No! Coz when the alphabets themselves are muddled, whence words, whence a sentence, the paragraph or an essay, for a thesis or a book to turn up?! First the basics, then the advanced. First the lower, then the higher. It’s slow, even painful (if it should even be called that, for how much gain there is in knowing one’s alphabets, the basics!) that way, but beyond that lies the fast and gainful.

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