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The illegitimacy of counterfeit

February 12, 2018

The counterfeit can be an exact copy of the real, in work, in look, even in apparent function, except for its legitimacy, for the labor and occupation is quite the same as the real only minus its acceptance. For, take a counterfeit currency: it can even be printed off a condemned original machine, looks identical to the real, closely follows the true currency’s trail in identity, and even gains a seamless circulation for a while. The only thing that disqualifies it is the ‘pronouncement’ of illegitimacy upon it. It is that which negates it, rendering all of the labor, identity and function illegal. So also with life: we need to beware our labor and the identity of it is redeemed against life’s final authority, namely God, who ultimately pronounces it legitimate or illegitimate. In other words, do what God allows.

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