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What would we have done?!

February 2, 2018

What if there were no psalms?! What ever would we have done?! Imagine a world without Psalm 23! Unimaginable! What about Psalms 1, 121, 91, 27? We would have groped in the darkness of abandonment and despair, fear and doubt. There would have been no swift heaven to run to, no page to hurriedly flip to for comfort and rest, restoration and life! No human being to identify with, no strength that one ain’t alone in the struggles of life. There’d be no thought to cling to, no clarity to rehearse. No hope, no direction!

But God prepared a man, made him into a nation, picked out one noble son among them and gave him these songs. All so the world will find strength in its time of weakness, joy in sorrow, healing in pain and rest in distress. What a lover God is! What a singer David was!

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