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Sanitizing failure

January 20, 2018

Approaching failure with sympathy in order to stop it, prevent it, overcome it, treat it is called DEALING with failure. All the sympathy ever shown in such a context is with the intention to rein the failure in, prevent the hindrance failure is to every possible future good, redeem every scrap of good that still remains (of the failing system), keep/increase the scope for success. Such is truth. The counterfeit of this is the sympathy of failure that sanitizes it. Such sympathy seeks to take failure/blunder/wrongdoing and legalize/legitimize/approve it. That is the opposite of truth, it’s the lie. For it continues the wrong, which will stop the right. It is the refusal to admit wrongdoing for a fear of humiliation/humility. That’s like losing the whole system to infection for fear of enduring the pain of the cut to have the diseased part removed. This is a counterfeit of pity, a kind of defence of the defeated, but from the wrong angle/direction to prevent even the pronouncement of failure as failure itself.

This then is the difference between the truth and the lie of sympathy toward failure: the truth will eventually stop the loss and regain even parts initially lost to such failure/defeat, but on the other hand, the lie will eventually land the whole system in loss and any semblance to redemptive effort is merely palliative. The truth treats the cause, the lie the symptom. The truth solves the problem, the lie creates it. Therefore, dealing with failure/defeat is not by sanitizing it, it is in admitting to it, saving what can be redeemed of what has been compromised and ultimately healing and restoring the system possibly to its closest original health/purpose/function. Don’t be deceived!

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