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The 9 chapters

January 17, 2018

It is indeed remarkable that 9 full chapters be devoted to a mere invitation to listen to what one has to say. It is not even an introduction to the ‘what’ of one’s message but just the raw call/alert/compulsion/invitation to even hear, give ear, listen!! And so these words punctuate (even abound in) all the 9: listen; listen my son; do not forsake, wisdom calls aloud; respond; do not reject; do not ignore; call; look for; choose; accept; store up my commands…And I’ve barely entered the 2nd chapter!

Simply speaks of how critical it is to listen to the injunctions of wisdom (Book of Proverbs).

And so rightly the stately, beautiful and wise woman (a picture of) Wisdom compels the youth, the child, the young man to listen to her. She highlights the power of her message/words, for they are the basis on which not just ordinary men conduct their daily lives but kings, princes and rulers govern entire nations! It’s the way of all the earth she instructs on, no cheap passing unimportant fancy.

On the other hand there is the woman Folly who persistently awaits to distract him with meaningless distraction, perilous lies: Stolen water is sweet; food eaten in secret is delicious. She disregards the disasters and folly of adultery.

If we must live, we must not just listen to Wisdom in passing but enslave ourselves to the instruction of wisdom, then we will not merely scrape through with bare survival but lay hold of wisdom itself, for she comes to those who seek her. The crown, glory, the garland await such.

Read it: the book of Proverbs. Read it over and over and over again. Organize your life around it, follow its instruction. Live, thrive, prevail.

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