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Think overcoming, not ease

November 20, 2017

It is generally believed that a promise from God for rescue means a magical, supernatural end to all problems and a bearing on angel-wings to another world of perfection where all is immaculate and dreamlike. Wrong! The Bible proves such expectation almost wholly in the wrong. Adam? Noah? Abraham? Moses? David? Solomon? Elijah? Mary? None! Not one had it easy! Despite their promises, and providences!

God sent an angel to Paul while in custody for things had come to a head between him and the Jews who opposed his spread of Jesus’ Gospel (which was what had landed him in custody). While still in Judea about to be ambushed and lawlessly killed outside of a trial or a sentence, God sent his angel to reassure Paul that he would be watched over for much yet remained for him to do, namely testify in Rome, the ultimate seat of influence in the then world. Maybe to Paul’s fretful heart this initially appeared as a promise of rescue, a transport to relief and relaxation, the end of chains and hardship. However, from reading the happenings from then to Rome (God’s word came true!), one only understands the countless hassles through which he had yet to come through, which of course he did. But not without prevailing, overcoming, clinging on through all the hardship! But as he was promised it came to pass, but the promise was to uphold him despite all the pain, not keep him from it altogether.

So next time you think God’s promise, don’t think ease, think overcoming.

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