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How to celebrate struggle

November 17, 2017

Getting around the question ‘Why’ is profoundly helpful, important, even critical to take on a challenging cause/pursuit/journey/way of life. For without a firm grip on the point/purpose/value/truth of the effort, it is hard to first of all even take it on, and only even harder to hold on/contend/prevail/last. It is hard to do it merely because one has either been ‘instructed’ to do so, or initiated/introduced into the course.

In fact despite getting the why of it one may have to overcome innumerable other hurdles to reach one’s destination. Yet getting the reasons straightened out does all these and much more: lifts the burden of slavery; rids the stagger of doubt, the dependence of ignorance, the lostness of darkness, the despair of defeat and the violence of trial/test! It’s like clinging on to a sure map when one is lost or far away from home. For although there is yet a long way to go and many hurdles to cross, one is first of all sure about the journey, one is content that after all the striving it will end in home and at any point in the journey one can see clearly how far one has come and how much remains to be covered! It is clarity.

In fact when the why is down, the journey even becomes enjoyable for with every furlong of progress there is joy, victory, celebration. There is no doubt! Or even if there are it’s not about the course one is on.

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