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Sensing light in darkness

November 11, 2017

Light isn’t only in the existence of illumination, the sight of the pathway, the familiarity and grasp of the solution, the riddance of defeat/failure/blunder. Indeed light is even in the recognition and pronouncement of darkness as darkness (the admission of feeling lost, the admission of being on ‘search’ mode, as not having grasped the way -yet-, the acknowledgement of current discomfort). For although it is still a step away from enlightenment itself, it is a step toward the light and away from the darkness. The rejection of darkness and the search for light is light itself! It is a refusal of the rejection of light, of feeling threatened by it, of preferring the momentary comfort of darkness (for the fear of being found out or branded inadequate), of allowing the prolongation of defeat. Indeed it is walking in the right direction in a dark tunnel that will soon begin to throw an almost illusory glimmer, but (the glimmer) to get surer and surer along the way. To even move from a ray of light, to the warm glow of daybreak. And then till as Scripture puts it, it shines like ‘the brightness of the noonday sun’!

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