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So sow

November 8, 2017

It is often believed (and expected!) that God is/ought to be a magic button for relief, an insurance against all trouble, an insulation against pain. Nothing could be farther from the truth! For if that were true, God’s handful of favourites must have had a cakewalk with life, but almost never! Take Christ, he had the cross. That was only the conclusion of the matter, but what about his poverty? His backbreaking work? His continual humiliation, hatred and much else? Paul; his thorn in the flesh, his endless persecution from city to city, his unimaginable labour to spread the Gospel, his relentless vision and sleepless agility to redeem his countless investments? Abraham and his quarter-century wait for the promised son? David and his anything-but fairy-tale life!

Wisdom, humility, truth are all learned not from swallowing readymade pills, reading it off a page or hearing a brief intense discourse. They all come from years and years of gleaning, training, practice, exercise, application, redoing, correction, mastery, pursuit, perseverance, understanding, comprehension. For this is the school all God’s chosen instruments are put through. By God Himself! Or an association with God enables one to. Either way as some saints have put it, it is only through it, not around it. Or again as they put it: the furnace from which refined gold ought to come.

All the good we ever enjoy was the labour of someone who sowed in tears, and all the good we will enjoy will be the labour we ourselves will put in. Nothing comes easy! Much is available, but much more can be taken. And what must be taken will not be given away. So, sow. Sow much. Sow much to reap much more. God will take you through. Do not fear!


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