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But will you?!

November 4, 2017

The world operates in bubbles. Bubbles of money, position, power, popularity, possessions. All the trouble is only in locking oneself in these illusory capsules, not in breaking free of ‘em! For if you have money, position, …all the rest, people are going to give you an artificial treatment that neither convinces nor satisfies (try getting people to disrespect/disregard a millionaire). On the contrary as humans we persistently look for the real, for what satisfies, even if it pleases less, for it is dependable. Especially we covet that raw acceptance without a string attached! And such true acceptance/approval invariably comes only outside of the false vectors of these psycho-socio-spiritual brownies. For even if these dividends come despite these vectors, there is that lingering doubt. Indeed it’s even a challenge to milk the typical accompaniments of these superficialities from a world that refuses to accord them otherwise, for if you manage it yet, it is even a form of subjugation of the world. There lies the ultimate sweetness! But for that, you must dare. But will you?

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