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November 3, 2017

Monotony is the affliction of an unthinking mind! The secret to rid the slavish drudgery of rote repetition/monotony is to think, know, understand. And understand the point, the purpose, the plan behind the action. For without understanding or comprehension there is an exasperating vacuum of purpose, conviction, will, even perseverance. In fact, with understanding comes the opposite of drudgery: excitement, speed, excess (of the very thing that once appeared boring!), relaxation!

For instance, years and years of school should be understood as initiating a child into the vast disciplines of knowledge that help know, understand and control the world. That fundamental truth ought to be communicated to a child in NO UNCERTAIN TERMS! That such knowledge cannot be grasped overnight but through a more slow, steady, even tortuous grasp of every wisdom nut and information bolt. But there is progress in the share of each day’s work. For even school isn’t forever, for life moves on to contribution, invention, discovery and domination! And when there is progress it ain’t called repetition, for here is a system where repetition is replenishment!

But still, beyond all the grasp of learning, it is the purpose of purpose itself that determines a successful destination. For yet, what is the point of success?! That only God can tell. Hence the need for Scripture/Bible, a constant touch with God and his guidance both for daily living and a life mission. And this is nothing but the very same insight/understanding/comprehension but of a higher order! But this (point) is a pure aside for the sake of relevance given the topic. So coming back, understanding/comprehension/grasp is key. Here is a useful quote:

Do more than exist – live.
Do more than look – observe.
Do more than read – absorb.
Do more than hear – listen.
Do more than listen – understand.
Do more than think – ponder.
Do more than talk – say something.
– NYLIC Review

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