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The aside Woman

September 18, 2017

They brought in a bedraggled woman who had no time to gather herself, fix her hair, wear her best or her make-up. Maybe she wasn’t even covered properly. For she was brought straight out of the adulterous bed from the embrace of a man who she should never have been with (so they probably knew her well and when to catch her – goes to show they never chose to prosecute her all along, but today, even maybe themselves frequented her from time to time, only the ‘supposed’ proof lacking now!). So, (to the crooks) she wasn’t (ever!) the point, but Jesus! The Pharisees had managed all of this, not so much for reforming the debased morality of the time, or to punish a woman who had broken a marriage, but to trap Jesus.

They had asked him as one ‘Should she be stoned?’ for although as per the customary/religious law that was the command, yet it appears that the Jewish law under the Roman eye didn’t allow it! And for Jesus to either let her go or prescribe death by stoning would surely land him in trouble (with Jews or Romans).

While they fumed as if for righteousness (all the while it was just their guile against a nobleman), Jesus was bent down scribbling on the loose sand. Without raising his head he allowed the man who thought of himself as without sin to cast the first stone. Either for fear or guilt (surely for fear, for if it was guilt they would have never brought her in the first place!) they ALL left one by one from the oldest to the youngest, until there was just Jesus and the woman.

He looked up at her asking if no one had condemned her. She replied, ‘No one, my Lord!’ He said, ‘Then I too won’t condemn you.’ And so saying, adding a few more words, ‘Go and sin no more,’ he let her go.

For Jesus they were all the aside, and she his main priority.

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