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A patience of thousands

August 28, 2017

It is extremely hard for us to be patient, in fact what comes almost instinctively is the opp, impatience! We can’t wait for a few seconds, a minute. Even an hour, a day, a week is long for us. Example: if we must wait for a few seconds before the door opens we lose our patience. Or if a few minutes before the milk boils we can’t stand by. If the guest will be here in an hour we can’t wait, neither if the mail will show up in a day! If there’s a week left for the vacations we can’t wait, or for the trip that we await in a month’s time. Even a year before the course is done or 5 years before we embark on that dream journey. Even a lifetime to figure what our life’s really been about!

But God? Jesus? They factored in thousands of years!! I mean talk about a mission where Jesus woud be born as a helpless little infant, to one poor woman, grow up in smalltime Nazareth, live an invisble life till 30, go about quite a mendicant life, die a convict’s death, entrust all one’s vision to 12 ditchers and wait some 2000 odd years before things catch on!! Phew!! Now that is patience! Patience, we need to learn it from our Master.

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