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A willing Cross

August 4, 2017

Here is one more clue that Jesus laid down his life most willingly: He actively prepared for his own arrest! He asked his disciples if all the days he asked them not to carry a purse, bag or sandals they lacked anything. They replied with a stout ‘No!’ And then he announced, ‘Swift, take your purse! And don’t forget to take your bag. Most of all take your sword. And if you don’t have one, even put up your cloak for a price and with that money buy a sword.’ His disciples even crosschecked with him showing two swords and asking, ‘Is this enough?’ and he said ‘Oh yep!’

For this was the reason: it was not that they had need for them, but to merely assist/allow for the misinterpretation of the Pharisees and Teachers of the Law. No, to have more money in one’s possession, or even a sword didn’t at once make one culpable, but for the Pharisees it became one more circumstance to twist as evidence. Remember they said of Jesus he was trying to start a rebellion against Caesar? Remember they brought ‘many other’ lies against Jesus although none of them could be proved? Remember they went with spears and clubs and swords to arrest him as though they were going to arrest the leader of an armed rebellion? It was a refusal to be precautionary against the viles of his enemies, even playing into their hands, for it was a willing sacrifice, it had to be mission accomplished: the Cross.



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