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Sacred n secular, part n whole

July 15, 2017

All of life is sacred, for life itself is a subset of truth and truth is sacred. The sanctity of life’s many composite parts isn’t always evident (for which we brand them as secular and are hence prone to treat them irreverently/aspiritually). However, by the very virtue of being part of the sacred whole, each part shares in the sanctity. It’s like the human body, made of many parts with varying functions, varying importances/noticeabilities which yet together make one whole.

The validity of each individual part’s health/‘sanctity’ remains, irrespective of the larger whole in as much as the context permits, for it is principle (the rule as it applies to that part), and the principle is intact. Therefore although even aspiritual as some of life’s parts may seem (and appear to work despite lingering gaps – in manageable contexts of course!), they are in fact spiritual (and work) because the game is being played (for that part) as per the rules. But the whole works (and works best) when every part, great and small, is aligned to the sacred truth.

It is this principle that calls for a relentless pursuit for and (re)alignment to truth always and in all things.


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