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Offended by Jesus

June 15, 2017

It is true that it was possible for even those among the better ones to be offended by the very embodiment of truth, Jesus. John the Baptist was confused why Jesus was not fighting for his life (i.e. against J the B’s unjust imprisonment by Herod – eventually he would be beheaded unjustly- when both J the B himself was sent as a ‘forerunner of the Messiah’ and Jesus was the Messiah himself. For wasn’t the Messiah supposed to deliver?)! But Jesus’ mission was not along the lines J the B expected. Still Jesus would be the solution (as 2000 years have proved!) in a very different way.

So the onus was on John the Baptist to work Jesus-as-the-solution out. But there was no reason for John not to trust Jesus, and on the contrary Jesus more than abundantly deserved John’s trust (in fact at that very moment Jesus defended himself against John’s emissaries, i.e. there was a case, only John had to give his listening ear). There were small gaps, but the fuller picture demanded trust rather than offense. But for John to have been offended by Jesus because of this development would have been akin to a cancer patient being offended by the cure, or a child being offended by a parent for the occasional discipline.

So keep the broader picture before you hurry to be offended by an agent of truth. Weigh the factors carefully and steer away from anger should truth be hindered for your petty offense.


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