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Confidence with God

June 8, 2017

That’s what Elijah had with God! His heart was in tandem with his God. They both thought and felt alike. Now they both breathed with the same anger against Ahab, Israel’s evil king for he and his idolatrous wife Jezebel were misleading a chosen nation away from their God. Filled with fury Elijah went up to Ahab and said, ‘For three years you will see neither dew nor rain except at my word’ (i.e. Elijah’s). And so it was just as he said! Finally after 3 years, following the dramatic Carmel encounter the Israelites did come back to their God and it was time for the skies to respond with their showers. When there was yet no rain cloud in the sky (after 3 long years!) Elijah asked Ahab to go and begin eating and drinking (i.e. celebrate) for ‘there was the sound of a heavy rain.’ It was after this Elijah asks his servant to go and study the sky for a cloud. Six different times the servant came back saying there wasn’t any. For the 7th time Elijah sent his servant who came back with the answer, ‘yes a cloud the size of a man’s palm.’ Immediately Elijah sent word to Ahab to hurry to Jezreel lest the heavy downpour stop him, which was just what nearly happened.

They were like friends, Elijah and his God, for Elijah knew God wouldn’t disappoint him.

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