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Who are the blameless?

May 16, 2017

These are a class of people whose biggest fear is to be a hindrance to others. Yes they have failed, still by and large their failures can be classed as blunders related to their own selves rather than that deliberately done against others. And there is some order to this hierarchy of offences which makes them shine brighter not just in the eyes of men, but of God as well. Noah, Abraham, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, David are such. I wouldn’t hesitate to add Jacob and David in the list (maybe Jacob lesser so – but Jacob ought to be pitted against Esau which does make for a more compelling redemption; yes David’s sin regarding Bathsheba is gross and is profoundly blameworthy, but in just about everything else he was like an ‘angel of god’ as described even by his typical enemy) for predominantly their lives have been descriptive almost completely of clean hands than even minimal outright crooked/harmful intent.

Here’s the advantage of being blameless: God fights on the behalf of such. Or here’s the disadvantage in not being innocent of harm: God won’t stand by such.


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  1. Oliver Francis permalink

    I think being blameless is something that God gives to a person. For example in Luke 7:36-50 we encounter a sinful woman who is despised by the pharisee whose house she runs to seeking the Lord Jesus. It was she who the Lord Jesus appreciated. Blamelessness is much deeper than trying not to be a hindrance to others – the woman wouldn’t classify there. Her very presence was obnoxious to others. It is her deep recognition for forgiveness and the ability to seek it in love that sets her apart. A Biblical idea of blamelessness is then bestowed upon us by the Lord Jesus Christ – “Your faith has saved you – go in peace” he declares.

  2. Hey Oliver! For one I’m happy to see a comment that has engaged with the post…Appreciate the sincerity in the comment.

    I do think I differ with you on some key points (or at least from where you seem to come):

    I think one very SIGNIFICANT reason Jesus had this uncanny sense of comfort around the ‘sinners/prostitutes/tax collectors’ etc. was because by and large they were honest and sincere people who only didn’t have a proper handle on their morality. Basically a class of blunders that didn’t premediate harm against others. So yes, I would classify them on the lesser blame-worthy type…Just my point of the post.

    And then? If all blamelessness derived solely from Jesus’ atoning death (which I do believe – for salvation), then he must be fighting on behalf of every Christian. But well that’s not the case at least as we see from the way Ananias and Saphira were slain brutally…So there is a part of basic human sincerity, innocence, childlikeness that merits the favour of God. No, it may not be mean that everyone who is fairly blameless may be spared of evil/harm (for in God’s wisdom he does seem to allow suffering), but it is very evident that God is not merely happy to stand with such but even fiercely defend them against other hypocrits/crooks (believing or unbelieving). I’m sure you’ve come across friends from other faiths who are far more sincere and genuine than believing crooks….Cheers!

  3. Oliver Francis permalink

    Jabez, I think I understand your thoughts better now. Thanks man.

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