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Slow and simplified

May 6, 2017

Keep your expectations of life simple. But no that doesn’t necessarily have to mean your life is or will be simple. It’s just your way of conducting life, less of expectations, less of pressure and more of work, more of progress. It is allowing yourself all the time and patience to work at becoming the better you. It is not negative for it is not stagnation, but progress, only at your pace and as per your design. But the world tells you just the opposite. The assumption that you will succeed in life only if you join in and play along to the world’s own rat-race is a lie that the mad world has successfully sold you. Do not believe it and do not be deceived. The Law of Life and Truth dictates otherwise. That’s also been the experience and testimony of all of Scripture’s greatest heroes. Take it slow, take it simple. Savour life.


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