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What a man!

April 27, 2017

What a stark difference there is between Paul and today’s fake prophets! He was such a man that even adjectives as outstanding or unmatched would pale before him, and then there are these jokers who have nothing but their contrived tricks to enchant people. Paul even raised the dead, among other spectacular experiences as being called by the audible voice of Jesus Himself (post ascension), out of body experience to and visions of the third heavens and countless others (being the apostle to the gentiles, the writer of the huge bulk of NT Scripture, the exposition of doctrine, the spread of Christianity to almost the whole of the then known world!). And yet all his wonder and accomplishment glimmers in his profound humility, his swift and persistent self-effacement. What a man, what a man! His goodness and truth is what will judge their evil, the straight that exposes the crooked.


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