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‘How to read/know the Bible’ illustrated

April 26, 2017

A treatise is not a collection of tidbits. Yes to know it, patient, detailed, conscious study is important. Every part is approached without letting go of the rest. No part ceases to be connected to the rest of the work at any time. There is but one sense to the whole work and the sense in the smaller parts fits into that of the broader framework (and hence a constant necessity to be ‘aware of’ and ‘continuous with’ the rest of the work all the time). It might be good to have the writer himself sit alongside, but it must be absolutely sensible that the writer must have taken great pains to put in just about all needed to grasp his message (and hence the rule for the Reader is to stick to the work to know/understand/grasp/comprehend it). Even if the author himself were to sit alongside, it would be highly unlikely he will add little else other than what is already contained in the full work. So also with the Bible.

This parallel is quite relevant to grasp the bulk of the Bible. There is no other substitute for systematic hard work. The enablement of the Spirit Himself will not bypass this method for this is what He Himself has ordained. And this has been the only method employed by every significant agent of change in the faith both noted within and beyond the range of Biblical history/narrative.

So read, read, read, study, study, study.


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