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Truth in an ounce & a gallon

April 7, 2017

One’s dislike of truth is more basic than one might like to believe at first. For the one who hates/dislikes/fears the truth only has a façade of being open to it at first. For with every subsequent restatement, underlining, reiteration of the unchanging truth, the original rebellion surfaces only more and more clearly, more and more brazenly! No one illustrates this as well as Balaam! For initially he ‘sought’ God’s verdict on Moab’s request that he (as an occupant of a prophet’s office) curse Israel (for no offence really!). And from there it is even humorous how for every subsequent deceitful hypocrisy of his (as if willing to obey God’s direction) although the direction was starting to get more and more raw/unmasked/direct, he only exhibited a greater and greater unwillingness to follow the very direction he himself appeared to ‘sincerely’ seek!

How true it is that if an ounce of truth won’t affect you, there’s no doubt a gallon of it will neither!

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