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The ruling child

March 7, 2017

It should normally be thought that ‘a child who rules’ isn’t one who exercises the power himself but rather merely one born with a silver spoon (who would therefore hopefully rule ‘someday’!). However, there are biblical references replete to one ruling himself, curiously repeatedly spoken of in terms of a child: the male child in Revelation, the child of Isaiah, the branch, the seed and probably others. Again, Jesus’ curious reference to the one expecting to inherit the Kingdom also having to be/become a child remains, notably lacking in detail.

From my meagre experience the only clue I seem to grasp at (in such childlikeness) is a characteristic simplicity and honesty that comes without much fanfare, price or condition. Such I suspect are prone not just to be unashamed that they don’t know (and are hence teachable) but also are equally unashamed of what they do (and are hence courageous, indispensable traits for a ruler).

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