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A true Prince

February 22, 2017

Jesus had made himself too simple. It is clear the disciples’ appreciation for Jesus’ simplicity had (initially) been rather simplistic (seemingly humorous – coz if simplicity is the point, why complain about the simplistic who gravitate?-, but there is a catch). However, Jesus was no simpleton, but a prince. In keeping with his princely stature, he humbled himself and was always quick to efface even the slightest streak of self-importance. However, that was not to allow for a denial of his royalty altogether. For, to give Jesus treatment befitting a king was no big service, but simple sensible duty (should one have only discerned it)! He seems to have even taken the liberty to illustrate this in the incident of Mary anointing him with the expensive perfume. As one, the disciples were scandalized that such expensive perfume was emptied on the floor at the feet of a simple, rough, humble (even ‘unimportant’) carpenter. They could grasp at a thousand other better uses for the expensive item (the ordinary stock they were till then, for only a prince knew better!). Jesus slowed ‘em down and allowed Mary to lavish him this one indulgence. She’d got the point: it was after all a small offering made to a big heart, not at all inappropriate.

Still it’s a test of true humility when the simpleton is allowed to deal with a prince as an equal. But neither does a simpleton linger around a true prince forever and not get rubbed off. Indeed here was a bunch of princelings around their big brother learning to become like him.


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