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Bad that’s good

February 16, 2017

It’s so easy for us to want to make of life a mere dream, a picture-perfect frame, stripped of the rigours that precisely make beauty and nobility for what it is. That’s why we prefer the sweat and toil of achievers narrated in splendid colours and cuts compressed into no more than an hour and a half movie, even that not dragging anywhere (for ALL those years of toil)! That’s why even our ‘interviews’ of the great will dwell more on ‘our own views’ of what their stories must be rather than actually give ear to the pain of their trials. No, excellence and beauty doesn’t crop up on its own, it comes with careful tending (read pain). Left to itself even the earth produces only weeds, not fruit trees or crops, for such have to be meticulously tended. So with every good and perfect thing, factor in without having to be told the bad and imperfect, in themselves not bad or imperfect but equally good and perfect for their composition in and contribution to good. So what this means is we need to discern between bad that isn’t bad in the fuller framework of truth and bad that is (for it is that which must be consciously navigated around).

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