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Around Lazarus’ death

February 14, 2017

There seems so much to ponder about!

The grief of losing a loved one: Mary sent word, an SOS to her beloved Rabbi, to hurry to stop her beloved brother’s spirit from departing, quite telling of the love we as humans can feel for one another. Also how Jesus broke down at the dead man’s tomb over the irreversibility of the phenomenon of death, the full n final severing of even the tightest bond.

Jesus the mystery: Indeed, Jesus never seems to have fit a mould of predictability. When the SOS of the people he loved (Mary, Martha and Lazarus) reached him, he delayed his response by 2 days. Next, he casually spoke of Lazarus having fallen asleep (meaning he had died), only to have the disciples mistake it. He wept, sharing human pain, fully aware Lazarus would be brought back to life (indeed he’d already announced he’d wake up Lazarus from his sleep). When Martha was willing to concede to a prolonged wait until resurrection day to see her brother, Jesus brought him back to life.

Lazarus’ life returned: Indeed, what an amazing wonder it must have been for those who saw a man dead and buried in the tomb to be called out alive! Still in his grave clothes! A done and finished matter being revived back to life! Speaks of the power of God.

The people’s wonder: I still wonder how the people might have reacted to Lazarus. Surely they must have touched him, peered into his face, felt his skin, to know if he’s the same man they knew! But what about those who merely heard about this? They could have easily disbelieved this whole phenomenon, for all they could now see was a man looking like just any other and all the rest of the stories of the wonder, probably an empty tomb, the grave clothes, and a startled people (maybe even steadily losing their first excitement!).

Lazarus himself: Wouldn’t it have been a most peculiar experience for the man himself? Even a proud moment, with all the attention to himself, ha ha! To be told all that happened without your knowledge and yet feel like all is just like before. The Bible even says around those days Lazarus was reclining on a couch having dinner with Jesus, people still very much paying visits to verify the recent wonder. What a sense of renewal it might have caused in him, a whole new vision of life, of things big n small. Now, as a total aside, it might help to notice this wasn’t a resurrection with a new surreal body, but as some scholars term, a mere resuscitation, for Lazarus didn’t live forever after this incident.

Such exciting stuff!


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