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As a man with his friend

February 10, 2017

Jesus’ participation of humanity was so natural, this worldly. There wasn’t anything pompous, out of the world or otherworldly about his interactions with his friends, i.e. his disciples. No, it wasn’t that he wasn’t special or supernatural, but purely for what he deliberately made of himself. It was the last hour, and he was breaking bread with his beloved disciples (except the one odd traitor) one last time. In great distress he was hinting there was one among them who would shortly hand Jesus right over to his enemies. And the way they were seated we learn as per custom was in a close circle of couches around the spread. Now John, who the Bible calls the disciple that Jesus loved, was leaning on his bosom, apparently on his chest. It’s absolutely imaginable the mystery, disturbance, curiosity Jesus’ revelation might have caused, and sure it did! Peter who was apparently close to John signalled that he sound out who Jesus was referring to, given his proximity. And John leaning in more fully probably mumbled, asking Jesus behind while scanning the faces of the men in front, ‘Lord, who is it?’. And in what appears like a private conversation, Jesus announced, ‘This one’ and almost directly singled out Iscariot. The many ways in which Jesus interacted with his men is what marvels me! So like any of us with his friend.

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