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No not a drama king

February 9, 2017

Jesus was not one of those cult leaders who expected his followers to leave their minds out like footwear when they came to him (his innermost sanctum). Neither were his followers pressured like today’s political cadre/bakths/devotees to now defend, now explain away, now cover-up their leader’s indefensible antics. He was his own defence. Indeed his disciples always had the uncanny freedom to snap back at anything that sounded nonsensical, absurd, unreasonable. And every time they wanted him to explain himself, he gave them an answer, no not a lame one, but one worthy, satisfying. In fact Jesus never pressured himself to feel explained always it appears, still the disciples had much to uncover in the days following Jesus’ glorification (post-resurrection), for the complex reasoning to their many lingering questions unmistakably emerged. So, there had been compelling arguments even when no one had asked! Here’s a tiny streak that proves this: The masses were milling around Jesus while on his way to heal a certain synagogue ruler’s daughter, when Jesus suddenly started to look around and ask who ‘touched’ him. In close likeness to a most natural response, his disciples almost angrily snapped back: How unreasonable even to ask that! Sure enough, a lady, sick from 12 relentless years of bleeding, had touched the hem of his garment.


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