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Enduring discipline

February 1, 2017

No, discipline is never enjoyable. No one liked to spring out of bed early on a cold day. No one liked to pump muscles and feel some discomfort when they could laze around for an extra half hour, even ‘savouring’ their relaxation. No child liked a ‘no’ for the extra candy. No soldier liked the rigors of training. No couple having to give up a like or two for their love. But its these very things that produce gain, a “harvest of righteousness,” even “peace for those who have been trained by it.” But these blessings don’t come at the beginning, (well indeed they do!), but at the end (for its then they become visible/discernible): When you get to strut around like a health capsule, when you don’t have to be a slave of lifelong medication, when the child shines in its class, when the enemy has been vanquished, when marriage feels like heaven! That’s the same principle for goodness and truth in all aspects of life.

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