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Spirit over Mind

January 30, 2017

It is probably not that the spirit slights the mechanics of the letter (for life has predictable patterns), but that the rigors of what’s scripted leaves little room for the unexpected (for only the spirit’s freedom allows for the exception, the unpredictable, the unexpected). Indeed it is the spirit that employs the letter to its end and not vice versa. The rigors of finite Old Testament ritual couldn’t atone as the willing obedient sacrifice of the Son, letter substandard to spirit. Again, all of Paul’s puff-up worthy knowledge (of Gamaliel’s exalted instruction) rendered him dumb, weak and ignorant when given the message of the Cross’ spirit, again spirit over mind. Indeed the thread glows through all of life: the written code accomplishes little, for no amount of prescription will compel us unless there is the simple spirit of conviction, cooperation, indeed even initiative!

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