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David’s True Story

January 27, 2017

All the world sings David’s songs. We have all shared his sorrow and joy. But if that makes us assume he had a happy life, we’re probably more wrong than right. It wasn’t the happiness or the joy itself he had, but more precisely the happiness and joy he made of his trials. Here’s a sample:

Right as a shepherd he had to fend his sheep off bears n lions. All his 7 brothers were paraded when the prophet Samuel came to specifically see Jesse’s sons, except David. His brothers crackled like pop-corn seeing him at the battle field around Goliath and the Philistines. These were the words of his oldest brother: “I know how conceited you are and how wicked your heart is; you came down only to watch the battle,” (all for coming to enquire the health of his brothers in the battlefield with goodies from dad and asking for an update on things!). Right from when Goliath fell to David, Saul began to be jealous of David. More than once Saul sought to pin him to the wall with a spear. The prize of the king’s daughter promised to the giant-slayer was broken. It was hard to convince Jonathan that his dad Saul was after his life. From then on David began to be chased like a partridge, although more than once David spared Saul’s life even against a pretext of defence. I could keep going, the priests who were slaughtered for showing David pity (and the sense of guilt this must have brought!), living as a refugee in enemy territory, having to fend for himself and family, endure the humiliations that came with being a wanderer (by Nabal the fool), betrayal. His own heinous crime over Bathsheba and Uriah, the consequences that God brought on him for these violations (the horrors Absalom caused him – usurping David’s throne the climax of it all), till his death bed when another son tried to usurp the throne for another time.

In spite of all this David overcame his struggles, his pain, his failures, his fears, his discouragements with a deep strength, faith, trust and belief in God. He immortalized these grievous evils into the most beautiful songs. Every blow that came on him he caught on a harp string. He refused to be cowed down by failure but fought through and overcame. We need to see David’s true life for what it was, a relentless battle. And we must borrow on his unwavering belief in God, and his most cheerful outlook to life!

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