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Twice knotted twice free

January 24, 2017

The Jews were pretty furious Jesus had acted beyond his allowance: it was enough that he broke the Sabbath laws of rest, ritual cleansings, customary fasts, but now he was at the Great House of God itself (which only they were sole custodians of – or at least that’s what they believed!) and had gone so far as to be acting like a child gone cranky!! He’d actually gone smashing tables stacked with cash and coins, even tearing down bird cages (doves were kept in them to be sold as sacrificial animals) and was fighting around coz ‘they were disturbing’ those trying to pray around at the temple precincts (how weird could this guy get? Pray at the temple? Where we are minting good bucks? Err…‘upholding’ a prescription of a thousand years?).

So they cornered him with the most sensible question of course. Hands on hips they squared up to him: By what authority are you doing these things?

Jesus didn’t find it hard to trap ‘em at all. Presto, He pulled out of his sleeve: Now, you first tell me where did John’s baptism come from?

This was a rather smart one for Jesus to have picked: for the Pharisees and teachers of the law themselves did think of J the B as a man sent from God. But if they did agree on that it would go without saying that Jesus too was attested by him as the Messiah sent from God which in turn would leave ‘em pretty screwed on their mission to catch Jesus, most happily handcuff him, n frame him on two wooden bars.

So they swiftly wanted to say, ‘Not at all,’ when one among them probably stopped ‘em just in time to save the disaster saying: ‘Oopsy daisy! Had you just said that, the people would have landed rocks on your head, you foolish fella!’

So caught between two foolish lies, they said, ‘We don’t know.’ Jesus snarled, ‘Neither will I tell you,’ the liars they were, taking off neatly after their Father of Lies, the devil!

So? A nice place to learn the lie is knotted up everywhere, at every turn. But the truth? Finds room everywhere!

Remember: twice knotted, twice free.

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