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A prophet’s price

January 20, 2017

Prophets are normally held in awe, but no, not among their own. Jesus’ family thought he was a lunatic (his brothers mocked him). There are signs even his mother Mary, who is revered (an undeniably pure, noble, godly woman she was!), seems to have struggled placing her son (for still she was human). His class rejected him (priests, teachers of the law, Pharisees, Levites. Do you know even J the B at one time had to be clarified his doubts about Jesus?!). So did his people, the Jews (even Samaritans -arch rivals of Jews- accepted Him, but the Jews grabbed stones to hurl at him!). Even his closest disciples abandoned him at his weakest moment. And yet, could there be a better prophet?

But prophets are willing to endure the pain, for they march to another beat. For it’s a victory chant, the lyrics and rhythm of which are Truth. And they always win toward the end. Indeed, right through, but now only more visibly. It’s a costly office but one totally worthwhile.

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